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Arrosticini BBQ is a very traditional dish in Italy that comes from Abruzzo, and you will fall in love with this amazing way to BBQ. Arrosticini will give you a rich taste of the land of Abruzzo even if you are just there in spirit. You need not be a specialist but preferably have your Milano products – grill, dicing cube and accessories - on hand to cook your Arrosticini properly.

The humble food trolley has gone from the purely utilitarian device that it used to be to a much more ‘front and center’ role in the food and hospitality sectors. Restaurant owners in particular are embracing the wide range of customizability offered by food trolley makers today to enhance their food presentation and dining experience. Because as anyone in the food business will tell you – brand is as important as the food itself.

Food trolleys have been used widely in the hospitality industry for many, many years now. However, their adoption was largely understood to be relevant for larger institutions like hotels, large restaurants and caterers. However, with shrinking real estate, greater emphasis on the dining area and chipping away of the kitchen space, has meant that smaller restaurants are looking to food trolleys to up their organization and food safety quotients.

Arrosticini BBQ are slender sheep skewers with a long tradition. They served as a quick and portable food for shepherds to cook outdoors in the Abruzzo region of Italy. There is no need to marinade them due to their natural meaty flavor, needing only minor additions like salt.

Hitek Milan proudly presents our Spiducci BBQ product to give an outstanding finish to your traditional Italian BBQ as well as any other cut you like. Our Milano products are the outdoor chef’s best friend. With custom designed equipment, you can make your BBQ hassle-free and enjoyable for friends, family or even clients!