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Hitek Millan is a premier brand when it comes to the production of high quality kitchen and outdoor cooking equipment like rethermalization units. Our products are engineered to precision with rigorous testing, keeping small and large business kitchens in mind. The units are made with first grade materials and modern features, requirements for contemporary living. 

Hosting a BBQ party that will make a lasting impression on friends or colleagues requires a combination of prep and the right grill. If you want to really impress them you can’t go wrong with Arrosticini, the traditional Italian skewer recipe from Abruzzo. 

Here's what you need to know about Spiducci BBQ with Hitek Milan!

The Key Ingredients to Make a Mouthwatering and Irresistible Arrosticini BBQ by Hitek Milan

Spiducci BBQ, the classic Italian meat skewers, is a recipe that was originally developed in Abruzzo, Italy. This is a grilling masterpiece where the lamb meat is neither seasoned nor marinated, but skewered and grilled on a “fornacella”.