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Rethermalization Unit

At Hitek Milan, we offer rethermalization units such as the HTM-2000-20, the HTM-2000-10, and the HTM-2000-5. Rethermalization is very important in the food industry today because of the large quantities of frozen and chilled foods that are used in kitchens everywhere. Safe and effective reheating of these products is a major factor that contributes to the overall profitability of the company, regardless of the industry on which it is focused.


Some advantages of the rethermalization unit offered by Hitek Milan include:

  • The unit reheats cold or frozen food, meaning that the food can be prepared many hours or even days earlier than the food service. This is especially useful in situations where large quantities of food are needed to serve many people at a large function. Having a rethermalization unit means those large amounts of food can be prepared early on and frozen, then brought back to a good temperature without degrading the quality or the taste of the food.
  • Using a rethermalization unit can allow the facility to adopt cook chill food preparation through cook chill/freeze production or outsourced food procurement, meaning that food preparation costs (such as labour costs) can be reduced significantly. Since food doesn’t all have to be prepared in-house, material costs are reduced, as is the additional expense of unwanted food wastage and other issues that commonly plague in-house food production.
  •  It allows standard food temperatures to be maintained, so the food served is never too hot, nor too cold. This can lead to elevated customer satisfaction. In industries where customers are prioritized over all else, a rethermalization unit can lead to faster food preparation because the food only needs to be thermalized. At the same time, the delicate chemical composition that makes the food taste good won’t be upset due to the way our rethermalization units function.