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If you are looking for a true Mediterranean BBQ experience, then there’s nothing better than arrosticini over coals. It is one of the most famous Italian recipes for the grill, one that will impress and delight family and guests alike.

Also known as arrosticini, the original Italian recipe for the grill is Spiducci BBQ. The traditional recipe uses sheep or lamb, but you can certainly use your preference. There are plenty of versions of spiducci recipes out there, the question is how to make your own.

If you love barbecuing in the summer (or any season!) you love discovering new and different ways of grilling: seeking out new recipes to delight friends and family in the backyard or even customers in your business.

With a food trolley, your staff can carry and keep food at the desired temperature to improve ease of serving, transportation and food safety.

Arrosticini is a beloved Italian delicacy from the region of Abruzzo. This blog post details what it is, how it’s made, and why you should choose Hitek Milan’s arrosticini BBQ grills to cook up some delicious skewers.