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Food Trolley

Hitek Milan is proud to provide you with quality food trolley solutions. Made with only top quality materials, our products feature stainless steel frames for durable long-lasting design. Some of the food trolley types that we carry include the storage and distribution food trolley HTM-1000. A trolley is different to a food cart because it is made mainly for the transport of pre-loaded trays. A large number of trays can be moved around safely, without danger of instability putting the food at risk of falling off.

The most common use for a food trolley is to transport trays with increased speed and ease. By loading up a trolley with many trays you can lessen the burden on your labour force. A trolley can carry over 10 times as much as a single person, and possibly more based on how large the trolley is. Our food trolley line is designed to carry heavy loads and can do so with ease. Their strong frames and compact designs make for great manoeuvrability that will do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to - giving you peace of mind. This also means that a single worker can now do the job of ten, reducing labour costs for you significantly.

Our food trolleys have raised bumps to hold trays in place, and swivel wheels with brakes that roll smoothly and brake securely - to ensure simultaneous workplace efficiency and safety. What this does is improve employee satisfaction when they transport your food, as they are less at risk and can be more productive over the course of the day. Getting a food trolley when you need to transport your trays is by far one of the best decisions you can make!

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