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Spiducci BBQ is a delicious Italian delicacy that many people love making throughout BBQ season. This blog post details our extensive line of Spiducci BBQ grills and products.

Arrosticini is an Italian dish that is a real crowd pleaser. Whatever the occasion, whether for children or adults, arrosticini is a sure-shot hit. And it is a good thing that arrosticini is relatively straightforward to prepare. However, as this dish has been tailored to suit local tastes and cooking styles, there is a danger of turning away from what make arrosticini. Stay your hand and turn down that fire to get the best results.

Spiducci BBQ, also popularly known as arrosticini, was born in Abruzzo, Italy. These delectable meat skewers are roasted over coal with a delicious natural flavor.

We talked about the food trolley as enhancing the ambience of your food establishment or catering business, and leaving diners with a memorable experience. All in, it is a great tool for building a brand. But the food trolley is also a great tool on which to base your business. In our latest article we look at how businesses can integrate food trolleys deeply into their business to offer a modern and unique dining experience.

Arrosticini BBQ is a very traditional dish in Italy that comes from Abruzzo, and you will fall in love with this amazing way to BBQ. Arrosticini will give you a rich taste of the land of Abruzzo even if you are just there in spirit. You need not be a specialist but preferably have your Milano products – grill, dicing cube and accessories - on hand to cook your Arrosticini properly.