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A food trolley, while incredibly simple in its basic design, is a vital piece of equipment to restaurants and food providers. This blog post details things to consider when looking for a well-designed food trolley.

With many different recipes on how to make spiedini BBQ, there’s only one way to grill the perfect spiedini BBQ skewer. This blog post details a bit of history of spiedini BBQ, and sheds light on how to cook a perfectly grilled spiedini BBQ skewer.

If you are planning to prepare the skewers by hand, you need to have a sharp knife and a broad cutting board to cut your favorite meat (combination of meat and a little fat) into small diced chunks.

The thermally controlled food trolley has proven a right revelation. Chefs and kitchens on one hand love it for the fact that they can leave food in the trolley for the final touches, which also gives them the room to start cooking the next batch; while diners appreciate their food served exactly to temperature, not to mention the unique experience of being served from a thermally controlled food trolley.

A very popular dish in the Italian region of Abruzzo is Arrosticini style BBQ skewers, which you’ll instantly love. It gives you a rich taste of Abruzzo even if you are in your back yard with friends and family or even colleagues. You don’t need to be an expert, either, with custom made grills from Hitek Milan.