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Spiducci BBQ and Spiedini BBQ

Hitek Milan is the proud manufacturer of the MILANO Spiedini BBQ & Spiducci BBQ Product line that will make your spiducci the talk of the town.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect vessel that will grill your meat to the excellence you’ve been hoping for, our grills are the answer to your search.  They make grilling enjoyable again by removing the stressful pressure of needing to get grilled meats “just right”. That’s because our grills enable you to make the result delicious every single time. 

Milano products are specially designed to make charcoal barbequing quick and easy, so you can actually relax at your next barbeque instead of being attached to the grill. After all, the right tools make any good chef even better. 

These MILANO products are specifically fashioned for the fine grilling of Arrosticini, also known as Spiedini BBQ or Spiducci BBQ. Hitek Milan offers a wide range of Spiedini BBQ grills and accessories to meet your spiducci BBQ needs, and to put you a cut above everyone else.

Our line of grills comes in a range of sizes and styles to meet your BBQ needs while ensuring that your meat is grilled to perfection. We also provide barbeque accessories to help make your grilling process a little more organised, and if you’re a diehard grill master, we offer the option to customise your grill, to really make your grilling skills stand out among the casuals. 

 Additionally, our grills are also adjustable, allowing for greater flexibility to suit your grilling style—because the comfort of the grill master plays an indirect yet significant role in the grilling outcome. The versatility of our adjustable grills helps remove this variable from the mix. 

All of our products are made in Canada and constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, ensuring they will never rust, and will, therefore, last you through long years of grilling bliss.