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Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Accessories

These forks are all made from 1st grade stainless steel and...

Welcome to Hitek Milan

Arrosticini, Arrosticini BBQ, Spiedini BBQ, Bulk Service Carts, and More!

Hitek Milan products are thoroughly engineered for performance, manufacturability and service.
They are manufactured from high quality materials by skilled individuals using the latest
automated systems - making prep work and catering easier, from food transport carts to cooking arrosticini on an Arrosticini BBQ. We provide our customers with the tools to make good food great, to make food service vastly more efficient, and to add a new level of delight to the food industry.

Our products are tested not just for performance to specifications but for their ability to achieve consistent results that meet or exceed customer expectations. All of our products, including the Arrosticini BBQ, rethermalization and food trolley units, are manufactured in Canada. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products that we ourselves believe in and can stand behind, which means that our products are never less than state-of-the-art. 
We are committed to bringing you the best experience possible. 

Hitek Milan can produce custom stainless steel work and supply equipment for restaurants, hotels, hospitals and long term care facilities. All equipment is personalized to suit all and any food service applications. If you have a specific food application that your company requires personalized products for, give us a call today, and one of our representatives will be happy to find a way to accommodate your needs and to find a customized option for your benefit.

On this web site, you will find information on the types of equipment that we manufacture, such as rethermalization and transport carts, prep equipment for arrosticini and arrosticini bbq, spiedini/spiducci bbq, bulk service carts and more. Get your arrosticini and spiducci tasting the way you always dreamed it would with our products!