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Tracing The Origins of Arrosticini

Also commonly known as spiducci or spiedini, arrosticini was introduced back in the 19th century by Abruzzese shepherds. Its hometown is in Villa Celiera which is recognized as the place where high quality, best tasting arrosticini is found. Yet, there’s no specific recorded place and moment where it was first made due to the transhumance activity happening in the regions of Abruzzo.


Arrosticini became popular during the 1950s when it started being served to the locals of Abruzzo!


This dish was recognized as a typical product of the region and serves as a symbol of the mountains in Abruzzo. Arrosticini has become the most appreciated traditional Italian street-food in the world with its juicy meat and unforgettable flavour.


Its humble beginnings can be traced back to where it all started: the transhumance and the sheep farming tradition in the land of Abruzzo. Transhumance refers to the movement of sheep flocks from the valleys or plains to the mountains and back.


Every time the shepherds were far from their homes, sheep meat was the only food they had easy access to. They would eat older sheep meat first, by roasting them over charcoal and would save the meat of other dead animals. When they have sold their meat, they would save the remaining meat closest to the bones. They’d use little logs they found along the rivers as skewers when cooking arrosticini.


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