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The Milano Grill: Spiedini BBQ with Hitek Milan

There's nothing better than a sunny day in the backyard with some delicious spiedini BBQ and friends. But grill lovers know that to have the best grilled skewers, you need the right type of grilling equipment. Luckily, Hitek Milan knows BBQ and we offer custom designed and manufactured grills, made specifically with spiedini BBQ in mind but perfect for any cut you may have a taste for.


If you're looking for your very own spiedini grill from Hitek Milan, here is what you need to know about the Milano: 


Milano Grill

This BBQ grill is designed especially for grilling spiedini to perfection. This grill and rack can hold around 44 skewers with additional cuts. A grooved nesting place holds the skewers in place and spaces them evenly so each piece is cooked to perfection and the skewers, if wooden, do not burn.

The Milano Grill is made from high-quality stainless steel and is designed with a unique air circulation system that makes firing up the coals easy, keeping the heat at a fixed temperature.

The grill is 35x 35 ½”x 5 ¼”, standings on 29” of collapsible legs. 


Milano Jr.

As the name implies, this smaller grill is compact enough to take on a picnic or camping trip, perfect for home cooking. It's a table top grill which can hold around 29 skewers and has the same V-shaped grooves that help skewers cook perfectly. It's also made from premium stainless steel.

The Milano Jr. is 23 ½”x7 ¼” and 5 ¼” wide. It comes with a protective cover to maintain its finish.


Milano Grande

This spiedini BBQ grill is perfect for restaurants or professional chefs. While it's similar to the Milano Grill, it is twice as big and can hold up to 88 spiducci skewers. Each skewer is held in place by an evenly spaced notched groove that ensures uniform heat and cooking time. The grill has a removable center channel for skewers that are over 10” long.

The Milano Grande is 35 x 35 ½” and 11 ½” wide. It also stands on 29” of collapsible legs made from high-end stainless steel.

Learn more about our amazing grills – contact or visit Hitek Milan today!

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