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Spiducci Made Simple – The Milano Series

Spiducci is a traditional Italian recipe for skewers created by shepherds from the mountainous region of Abruzzo. I order to cook the perfect Spiducci you’ll only need a sharp knife and a good cut of meat. It is diced to about 1-2 centimeters. If you want to use wooden skewers, you can soak them in water first to make sure they do not burn during grilling.


Milano Grills and accessories from Hitek Milan are perfect from making the traditional Spiducci at home, any time.


The Milano Cubo, for example will make large batches much easier. Crafted expertly with quality steel, the Cubo makes it easy to dice and assemble dozens of skewers at a time, layered expertly with the right proportion of meat and fat.



Yet the grill is the most important part of the whole show. Any conventional grill won’t do – the original recipe is made over coals, and this means the grill has to be far enough from the coals to cook perfectly while giving it that unique smoky flavor. This is not to say they can’t be made over propane, but for the original recipe you may want to make sure you have a coal option.


With Hitek Milan’s gorgeous, custom made grills – the Milano Series – you can make Spidducci to perfection, either at home for friends and family or in any commercial set up where BBQ draws customers in.


We also offer the Milano grill top, which can fit over most existing barbeques. It can grill 24 skewers at a time and has a protective lip to prevent your fingers from burning while rotating the skewers. It keeps them far enough from the heat to ensure the perfect crisp.  


By adding a few simple seasonings to the traditionally unmarinated recipe can also make it a sensation with any crowd. You can use lemon with olive oil and oregano, or a simple combination of rosemary and olive oil, chili flakes with olive oil and lemon zest. You can always experiment with your favorites too.


Want to see more of our amazing grills or learn more about Spiducci? Contact Hitek Milan today!

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