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Preparing Spiducci BBQ The Best Way Possible

Spiducci BBQ is an Italian delicacy that is traditionally prepared from castrated male sheep meat and cut into small uniform cubes. This fine cuisine is also commonly known as arrosticini or spiedini that originated from Abruzzo, Italy’s mountainous region.


Abruzzo is popular for its great history of sheep herding and unique culinary traditions, including spiducci BBQ!


If you find it too tedious to hand-thread small cubes of meat onto a number of skewers, we at Hitek Milan offer a great alternative for you that is sure to save time and energy: The Milano Cubo. The Milano Cubo is our spiducci maker that is specifically designed to make the process of preparing spiducci BBQ much easier.


This box-like contraption makes preparing spiducci incredibly efficient. You simply have to layer slices of meet, without the need to cut them into small cubes, inside the box. After layering the meat, you place the cover on top of the box.


This cover has many holes where you insert and push the skewers through. Once you have inserted all of the skewers, insert a sharp knife into each of the vertical openings along the side of the Milano Cubo to cut through the meat. After all of this is done, carefully dismantle the Milano Cubo to reveal your all of your spiducci BBQ evenly skewered and ready to grill!


We at Hitek Milan can provide you with the high quality spiducci BBQ equipment for your grilling needs. Whether it be the Milano Cubo, or BBQ grills, we have products perfectly tailored to your grilling application. Aside from the Cubo, we offer a range of spiducci BBQ grills of different sizes and makes to suit your specific needs.


Are you having a family picnic or going camping? The portable Milano Jr. grill has you covered. Are you at home and having a ton of guests over to try out that delicious spiducci BBQ? The Milano Grande is perfect for grilling a large amount of delicious arrosticini skewers. When you’re thinking about grilling this delicious Italian delicacy, come to us at Hitek Milan for the best spiducci BBQ products money can buy.

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