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Spiducci BBQ and Spiedini BBQ

Milano Jr.

The "Milano Jr" table top grill is a charcoal Spiedini barbeque that is specially designed to grill your Spiedini/Spiducci to perfection and small enough to take with you when you going camping or on a picnic. 

It holds up to 29 skewers which each have there own V notched resting place to help space them evenly.  Dimensions are  23 1/2" long  5 1/4" wide and 7 1/4" high.  The Milano Jr comes with a cover that helps prevent dirt and debree from falling into the barbeque when not being used and acts as a protective tray underneath the barbeques when it is being used.  This helps protect the surface that Milano Jr is resting on from hot ash or charcoal.

The Milano Jr is constructed entirely from first grade stainless steel ensuring it will never rust and will last you a very long time. 

It's specially designed air circulation system helps make for easy and quick start up and keeps even continious heat while grilling.

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