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How to Grill Spiducci BBQ to Perfection

Kebabs are commonly known as mouthwatering grilled street meat. A great Italian version of a delicious grilled meat dish is known as spiducci. Spiducci BBQ, commonly known as spiedini, is seasoned with salt, vinegar, olive oil, and then cooked over hot charcoal on skewers. Lamb is the original meat used to cook this specialty, but other meat like chicken, beef, and pork are now used to fulfill the recipe. While you can use a lot of seasoning if you want to grill spiducci, less is more in order to taste the flavours of the lamb.


At Hitek Milan, we are the leaders in manufacturing grills to cook delectable spiducci BBQ.


Grilling Spiducci


Spiducci can be paired with other Italian delicacies such as, the famous maccheroni ala chitarra. It can also be eaten along with pita bread or rice. There are several ways to grill a delicious spiedini, but the secret to making delectable BBQ is using a grill that can cook the skewers simultaneously. Using a specialty grill, like our Milano Grill, you can ensure an evenly cooked skewer. Our grills are designed with a V-notched resting feature, in order to provide equal spaces between each spiedini skewer. This design allows for the smoke to circulate as you grill the meat, giving it extra flavor.


Milano Grill


If you want to experience spiducci BBQ perfection, the Milano Grill is your answer. It is made of stainless steel for superior resistance to corrosion and for food safety. It features a specially designed removable center channel where you can place the skewers. The simplicity and convenience of cooking spiducci on our specialty grills provides you with the tools to cook delectable Italian cuisine. To make your spiducci BBQ more nutritious and delicious, you can also grill some vegetables on the same skewer.


At Hitek Milan, we are proud suppliers of specialty grills for spiducci BBQ. Our products are designed to grill delectable arrosticini. To learn more about our products and service, call or email us today!

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