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Food Transport Carts

Food Transport Cart
  • Total number of shelves 20 (10 each side), extra one shelf on top for cold/heat pack.
  • Distance between shelves is 3 15/16 (100mm) with 2 ¼” clearance  between top shelf and roof of the truck.
  • Bottom shelf 1 5/8” from the bottom of inside and apr. 14” above the  floor.
  • Exterior and interior all 304, 20 gauge No. 2B or #4 Stainless steel construction with reinforcement on all corners and walls.
  •  All mounting hardware stainless steel.
  • Two casters are rigid and two swivel with total swivel and wheel front  brake.
  • Sealed ball bearings and swivel head seals
  • 8” wheels with gray elastic rubber bonded on aluminum core.
  • Caster has 3 1/8” x 4 1/8” mounting holes plate.
  • Casters are rated at 800 lb load each.
  • Casters spaced at 22½”x 22 ½”.
  • 16 g (.060)304 No.4 stainless steel top tray with ½” slope toward the  front of the cart
  • Two 3” openings placed in each corner of top at the bottom of the  slope.
  • 2” wide edge around the top tray, ¾” deep at the shallow end.
  • 3 ½” radius corner bumpers connected with 4 pieces of straight  bumper extrusions for easy replacement.
  • Two vertical handles, height ranging 41”-53” positioned 20 5/8” apart  and 2” out from cart (horizontal handle optional).
  • Handles are aluminum powder coated santex black and black plastic  mounting ends, located at the same side as steering.
  • The door handle mechanism all stainless steel construction.
  • Securing locks made from aluminum with stainless steel ball plungers.
  • Aluminum door hinge blocks with bronze bushing bearings.
  • Nylon securing plates and ½” ball plungers for securing door in open  state.
  • Door swing 270deg.
  • Rubber gasket between base, housing and top.
  • Holes for train hooking.
  • Formed tray holding ribs for easy cleaning.
  • Apr. 1” slope for drain inside of cart. Drain 15/16” dia.
  • Removable rubber gasket for easy cleaning.
  • Dow Chemical Styrofoam insulation used rated: R 5.5 for door, R 7.5, R10 for sides, R 5.00 for base, R 15 for top