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Delectable Arrosticini: A Guide

Arrosticini is a delicious and beloved food by Italians from the region of Abruzzo. Traditionally, arrosticini is made from the meat of a sheep and cooked on a brazier. However, with its growing popularity, arrosticini is being made with cow, chicken, and other meats over hot charcoal grills! This tasty dish is the perfect appetizer for your next barbecue.


At Hitek Milan, our grills are ideal for cooking delicious arrosticini!


With its humble beginnings in the beautiful rolling hills of Abruzzo, arrosticini began as the small dinner of a shepherd. Going on sheep herding journeys often left shepherds hungry, relying on the meat of one of the older male’s mutton for their dinner. Cutting every last piece of the sheep and skewering even the smallest piece of meat and fat was the beginning of the now widely popular Italian street food.




The best way to eat arrosticini is with light seasoning and marinade. Traditionally, these delicious skewers were paired with wild herbs and cooked over hot coals. Nowadays, we prepare out arrosticini with fresh ground up rosemary, a drizzle of olive oil, and light salt and pepper. The distinct flavours of the dish come from the unique grilling experience over charcoal.


Cutting the meat is also an arduous process for those who are looking to cook arrosticini. At Hitek Milan, we have manufactured the Milano Cubo that allows you to create amazing skewers in a matter of minutes. You place your fresh meat inside the Cubo, pierce the meat through the small holes with your skewer, and slice the meat using the guided grid around the box. Our Milano Cubo is the perfect helper when preparing your Italian inspired dish.




Grilling up delicious arrosticini is best done over hot coals. The best grill to use is one of our specialty grills at Hitek Milan. Our grills are manufactured with high-quality materials and they are crafted by skilled professionals. When you cook over charcoal, your arrosticini tastes more traditional than ever! We have a few grills that are perfect for your next barbecue.


  • Milano Grill: This charcoal barbecue holds up to 44 skewers. It has V-shaped notches as resting areas for even spacing and even cooking. It also comes with 29-inch collapsible stainless steel legs.
  • Milano Jr.: This tabletop charcoal grill has a 29 skewer capacity. It is able to grill meat thoroughly and is small enough to take with you when you go on a getaway.
  • Milano Grande: This is a double sized Milano Grill, capable of holding 88 skewers. Performs just as amazing as the two mentioned above but is perfect for large barbecue parties.


At Hitek Milan, we are the leading manufacturers of amazing arrosticini barbecues. Our BBQ grills are designed specifically to grill delicious arrosticini. Our grills are perfect to suit your unique grilling styles. Call or email us today to learn more about our products!

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