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Arrosticini: The Perfect Match For Montepulciano

When discussing wine, Italian flavours are usually on top of the list. The sweet flavours of cherry and black plums are unforgettable. In particular, the popular wine of Abruzzo called Montepulciano makes one of the most delicious wines in Italy. This wine makes for a perfect combination when eaten with arrosticini.


Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is an Italian red wine that makes quite the match when eaten with delicious arrosticini.


Before, very few knew how good this wine was; they were the old timer’s Italian cognoscenti. But now, Montepulciano is the top choice of many wine aficionados. And of course, there is always a perfect match when drinking a wine and it is no other than arrosticini, also known as spiducci.


A delectable meaty kebab, arrosticini is essentially skewered tender lamb meat that is cooked over an open fire of charcoal. Traditionally, these delicious kebabs were made from a castrated male sheep but are now usually made of a combination of mutton and lamb.


What makes arrosticini a perfect match for a glass of Montepulciano is the fleshy tannin and bold structure of the wine. It absorbs the fatty taste of the meat skewers which makes for a great contrast to arrostini’s rich flavour.


These delicious lamb skewers are incredibly easy to make. All that you have to do to make arrosticini is to cut a meat of your choice into small cubes and skewer them. You can season the meat with any flavour you want or leave the natural taste to tease your buds with only a pinch of salt.


The only major consideration to make is the type of grill to use. But no need to worry because we at Hitek Milan offer a variety of this special grill that will help cook your arrosticini to perfection. So, get that wine glasses ready and heat up those grills!

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