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Arrosticini BBQ and How to Best Experience It

If you are looking for a true Mediterranean BBQ experience, then there’s nothing better than arrosticini over coals. It is one of the most famous Italian recipes for the grill, one that will impress and delight family and guests alike.


While it originates from Abruzzo, you can find very similar recipes in the surrounding regions. These skewers are usually made with sheep or lamb with very little seasoning.


The traditional arrosticini is made with sheep, and the best cut for this traditional recipe is the ciavarra.


Outside the region of Abruzzo, you can easily find arrosticini. The key difference between a home-made and pre-packaged skewers is in preparation. Commercially-available arrosticini may be perfectly cut, but it could also be made from the fattest meat. The original recipe has alternating pieces of low-fat and fatty pieces. This is the best way to ensure an even crisp and the right flavoring over coals. About a quarter of the diced meat should have some fat on it so it is not dried.


Arrosticini is traditionally made over a special brazier called a fornacella. With Hitek Milan’s original grills, you can have the same ideal grill for traditional skewers, especially designed for skewers and able to perfectly grill any cut of meat. The fornacella or grill used to cook this delectable food is simply perfect, long and narrow to prevent wood skewers from getting burnt. Hitek Milan’s quality grills are fabricated with the same design and quality metals for durability and perfect results. They are also adjustable and customizable for chefs or businesses.


Typically, arrosticini is enjoyed with a glass of red wine and with slices of toasted bread topped with virgin olive oil and vinaigrette. It can also be seasoned with basil, oregano or rosemary.


Contact or visit Hitek Milan today to learn more about arrosticini and our amazing Milano grills!

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