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Arrosticini: A Brief Guide

For years, our company has been providing excellent metal works and fabrication that seek to improve the quality of your food and the efficiency of your service. From arrosticini BBQ grills, to food transport carts, we craft each and every one of our products with precision accuracy using top quality materials to ensure durability and a long product life span.


Arrosticini is an Italian delicacy straight from the Italian region of Abruzzo!


Somewhat resembling a kebab, arrosticini is a little bit smaller size which is grilled to perfection and packs massive amounts of delicious flavors. Also known as spiedini or spiducci, arrosticini is typically made from sheep’s meat (mutton) or lamb, and is cut in hefty chunks and skewered through.


Arrosticini is typically cooked in a brazier that is called a canala, as it is elongated and sort of resembles a gutter in shape. It is ideally made of steel and is usually robust to give it an excellent lifespan. We’re capable of providing customized versions of our grills to give you a more personalized product. Here are a few things that make us your best option:


  • Various Designs – We offer a variety of arrosticini grills that vary in size. If you’re planning on making a large amount of arrosticini BBQ, the Milano Grande is probably what you’re looking for. If you don’t plan on making that much and have a few guests over, it might be better to go with the portable, tabletop Milano Jr. grill.
  • Laser Cutting – Laser cutting offers high precision that results in a better-made product. We utilize the best manufacturing techniques to ensure that you get the best possible product.
  • Engraving – Want a personal look for your grill while you make some delicious arrosticini BBQ? We can engrave custom names or business brands on sheet metals to give your custom order a truly customized look.


Whether you need BBQ grills to cook up some delicious arrosticini BBQ skewers, or food transport carts to assist you in your food-related operation, we at Hitek Milan have you covered. With a variety of products designed and manufactured to improve the quality of your food and service, you can definitely put your trust in us.

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