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A Basic Guide to the Wonders of Spiducci BBQ

Italian cuisine has always been considered as one of the best in the world, which is why Italian dishes like pizza, risotto, carbonara and gelato are now regular household names. One dish that's quickly gaining a devoted following is spiducci BBQ!


Historically, spiducci BBQ was traditionally made from small pieces of a castrated male sheep, however, lamb meat, mutton, beef, and chicken are widely used in recipes today.


Getting to Know Your Spiducci BBQ

Spiducci BBQ is skewered meat grilled over an open brazier, very similar to a typical barbecue. Also known as arrosticini or spiedini, it is a traditional dish from Abruzzo, a region in Central Italy known for its wildlife parks and mountains. Shepherds from the villages of Carpineto, Civitella Casanova, and Villa Celiera often partake in this dish.


How to Make and Serve Spiducci

Traditional spiducci is prepared quite simply. In the olden days, lamb chunks were skewered on sticks and grilled. It's a method that still holds true today. The meat is still cut into little cubes, threaded through wooden or metal skewers and grilled on a fornacella, which is a special barbecue rack designed to keep the skewers off from the coals.


It's believed that spiducci BBQ should only be cooked over charcoal, as baking could destroy the flavor. Marinades are never used in this dish. However, you can brush the meat with a little bit of olive oil mixed with rosemary and garlic. Grill the meat until the exterior browns and becomes crisp. And for added flavor, intersperse lamb chunks with bovine fat.


There's a reason why this dish has remained popular throughout time. Its simplicity brings out the full flavor of the meat and is so easy to make that even novice cooks can do it. So why not try your hand at making spiducci BBQ, invest in one of our custom made grills from us at Hitek Milan, and treat yourself to a good meal!

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