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5 Features So Important in a Hospital’s Food Trolley

The food trolley has been making quite the comeback in restaurants and hospitality establishments. They are considered to bring an upmarket feel to the business and add invaluably to customers’ dining experience.


The food trolley in hospital is very different from the ones you find in the hospitality industry. We look at 5 features that are must-have.


But food trolleys are a hardworking beast. In fact, if you strip of the glitz and glamour that food trolleys have started to embody, what you will find is an extremely useful tool. An easy way to transport food and offering a number of advantages, besides, food trolleys are favoured in hospitals too.


In this article we look at some features that are essential for food trolleys in hospitals.


Size – Food trolleys need to be of such a size that can be handled easily but not so that they are inefficient for carrying the food. Whether that means a smaller trolley or a larger one, a custom food trolley should fit its requirements.


Hygiene – Hygiene is paramount in hospitals and there is no scope for compromise even in the slightest. Which is why a food trolley used in a medical environment should be such that it does not harbour dirt and hide food stuffs. These will quickly become breeding grounds for disease.


Cleaning – In addition to being designed in such a way that food trolleys do not accumulate hidden dirt, they must be easy to clean; should be able to be cleaned deeply; and be able to handle tough cleaning chemicals.


Safe – How can a food trolley be made safe? No sharp edges, quality construction and reducing the chances of the trolley damaging or injuring others, in a frenetic environment, is essential. Glass-surfaced tops, for instance, are a strict no-no. And easy to operate brakes are another.


Thermal management – Food trolleys in hospitals must be great at managing the thermals of the food. Powered remotely by a battery, and equipped with good insulation, the food trolley must be able to maintain temperature extremely effectively. Not just grumbly patients, it could lead to spoilt food too.

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